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It’s the season of ghosts and goblins and we are thrilled to share our list of brand-new picture books along with some timeless favorites that are perfect for getting children excited for Halloween! We hope you enjoy these spooktacular booooks as much as we do!


There’s a Witch In Your Book by Tom Fletcher; illustrated by Greg Abbott, 2021
(Ages 3 and up)

Interactive stories are always a hit with kids and we are thrilled to see a new Halloween installment to Tom Fletcher’s popular series! When a witch lands in a book and begins to cause mischief, children are invited to block her spell and use their fingers as a wand to create magic of their own. With bright, adorable illustrations and an amusing plotline, there is a lot to love about this clever new book that is sure to be enjoyed not only during Halloween, but all year long!

The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky by Jory John and Pete Oswald, 2021
(Ages 4 and up)

He may be baaaaaad, but his stories are so goooooood! The Bad Seed from Jory John’s and Pete Oswald’s New York Times best-selling series is now starring in his very own Halloween tale!  After trying on a variety of costumes, the Bad Seed can’t find one worthy of wearing in front of his friends. That’s when he thinks of a dreadfully devious idea to trick everyone into thinking the big day has been cancelled. Luckily, a friend offers helpful advice that sparks a change of heart and a more positive perspective on life. Jory John and Pete Oswald continue to wow me with how they skillfully weave powerful messages through an entertaining story. This one is sure to be popular, and as an extra bonus, it comes with stickers! 

Trick or Treat Crankenstein by Samantha Berger; illustrated by Dan Santat, 2021
(Ages 4 and up)

A little boy nicknamed Crankenstein due to his grumpy mood is looking forward to his favorite holiday, Halloween. On the big day, however, everything seems to go wrong. He gets a toothache, it rains on his costume, he trick-or-treats at a house that gifts out toothbrushes, etc. Each misfortune is exaggerated by Santat’s comical colorful illustrations that jump off the page. Children who have faced their own Halloween disappointments will relate to Crankenstein and feel reassured that even the worst Halloweens can turn around into great nights!  This series is always a hit with kids and I’m thrilled to see a Halloween edition. My own children especially love the end papers that are covered in candy with humorous names! 

Vampenguin by Lucy Ruth Cummins, 2021
(Ages 4 and up)

From its amusing storyline to its giggle-worthy illustrations, there is a lot to love about this unique tale!  While the text describes the Dracula family’s seemingly ordinary visit to the zoo, the clever pictures comically capture a baby vampire switching places with a penguin. The rest of the family is oblivious to the swap, but the other animals at the zoo don’t miss a thing. There is so much underlying humor in this charming story, we can’t get enough of it!

Looking for a Jumbie by Tracey Baptiste; illustrated by Amber Ren, 2021
(Ages 5 and up)

This enchanting play on Going on a Bear Hunt skillfully incorporates Caribbean folklore. Flowing rhymes follow a young girl searching for Jumbies, which are types of creepy creatures. As she finds each one, she discovers they are more friendly and helpful than scary. Her hunt not only turns up a number of Jumbies, but also some new friends. My children love learning about mythical creatures and adore this lively story. The rhythmic text and mysterious characters make this a good choice for a read aloud.

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson; illustrated by Axel Scheffler, 2001
(Ages 3 and up)

Rolling rhymes follow a kind-hearted witch flying on her broom one dark and stormy night. When she loses articles of clothing, they are found by a dog, cat, bird, and frog who eagerly trade the items for a ride on her broom. Strained by the weight of the riders, the broom breaks in two dropping the animals in a swamp and the witch into the clutches of a hungry dragon. In a gratifying ending, the crafty animals ban together to save their friend and ride off for many more adventures together. 

Snowmen At Halloween by Caralyn Buehner; illustrated by Mark Buehner, 2019
(Ages 3 and up)

When snow falls early one autumn, two children dress up their snowmen in Halloween costumes and imagine the fun adventures they could have at night. The illustrations hold a number of entertaining details and the upbeat rhymes make this a perfect read aloud children. My kids absolutely adore this poplar series and especially love searching for hidden items in the pictures. 

Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins, 2018
(Ages 4 and up)

A stemless pumpkin spends his days in front of a store longing to be chosen and transformed into a jack-o-lantern. When Halloween finally arrives and he has yet to be picked, he fears the worst. In a dramatic visual sequence, readers watch as Stumpkin’s dream comes true in an unexpected way. This endearing tale is a fun spin on pumpkin stories. 

Gustavo The Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago, 2020
(Ages 4 and up)

This adorable ghost story could not be sweeter. Gustavo is a shy ghost and longs to become friends with his classmates. When he bravely shares his favorite hobby with the other creepy creatures, friendships are formed and Gustavo finally feels seen by the others despite his transparency. Flavia Drago effortlessly integrates aspects of her Mexican culture in the vibrant illustrations creating a beautiful story that will leave readers cheering for the lovable Gustavo.

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds; illustrated by Peter Brown, 2012
(Ages 4 and up)

Jasper Rabbit loves to eat carrots, until the day he believes the carrots are alive and stalking him that is! He begins to see carrots lurking everywhere…in the shadows, in the kitchen, even in his bathroom. Are the carrots real or could it all be in his imagination? This award-winning book is as much fun to read aloud as it is to listen to. Hues of black and white with pops of orange draw the reader in while the clever narration provides the perfect amount of drama and humor. This one is a must-have!



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