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Where are you originally from, and how long have you lived in Pittsburgh?
I am originally from the Franklin Park area but left Pittsburgh for college and the five years following. My husband and I moved back to the area in 2019 to raise a family!
How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
Our daughter, Riley, will be 16 months on August 3rd, and we are expecting a little boy on August 22nd!
What do you love about living in Pittsburgh?
I love how family-oriented Pittsburgh is. There is something for every age here and the community is so proud to live here. I love that! I also love that I get to do things with my daughter that I grew up doing with my parents!
What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Pittsburgh?
I have a few staples. Pizza- Monte Cello’s or Driftwood Oven. Thai- Nicky’s Thai.
Tacos- Condado Taco
Tell us about your business.
Sleep Wise Consulting is a company that helps guide caretakers while they teach their children independent sleep skills that will last a lifetime. We are a group of 45 women who were also clients at one time or another. We’ve experienced first-hand sleep deprivation that has affected our entire family and are incredibly passionate about helping other families avoid that. We do not use the cry it out method, and always make sure that we are meeting your child where they are developmentally. Is your child getting out of bed multiple times throughout the night? Do you have to rock, feed, or hold your child to sleep? Need help dropping a morning feed? Is your child only napping for 30 minutes at a time? We are here to help with all of the above!
What do you love about your job?
I love seeing the progress a child makes, and showing a family that sleeplessness is not a badge of honor. A good parent is a rested parent! I know how difficult it can be when a family isn’t getting the sleep they deserve, and I’m here to help you get all the zzz’s you need!
What is your favorite thing to do with your children and/or family?
My favorite thing to do with my family is traveling to new places, or if we are staying local- hanging out at the pool! Being at the pool all summer is one of my favorite memories as a child, so watching Riley learn to swim, play with other kids, and enjoy being outside has been so much fun!
How do you juggle work and motherhood?
I think juggling motherhood and work is a constant battle. Children are constantly changing and needing different things, so I try my best to make sure that my family always comes first and then my work is secondary. I’ve also learned that working makes me a better mother and also makes for a happier home. When I feel fulfilled outside of the house, it makes the time I get to spend with my family even more precious.
How has the Pittsburgh community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
The Pittsburgh community always shows up for each other which is another thing I love about living here. The community first shaped who I became as a person with my involvement in organized sports as a child, and is now such a great support system as I’ve recently moved back home and have had to navigate motherhood, a pandemic, and being “new” to the area again!
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from another mom?
The best piece of advice I’ve received from another mother is that, ‘you are the best mother for your children, no one can do it better. At the end of the day you have to filter through the criticism and follow your gut to make the best decisions for your family.’
Is there anything that you would like to share with other moms?
Just to not be ashamed to ask for help- more people are struggling than you think and could also use the support of a fellow mama. I learned very quickly that suffering in silence only isolated myself more- there is an amazing community in PIttsburgh that is ready to help!!

Thank you, Catie!

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