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As moms, it can often seem like we’re taking care of everyone – the kids, our partner and even family pets – before we remember to take pay attention to our own needs. We’re not even talking about luxury self-care practices, like manicures or massages (although we need and deserve those, too!). We can literally get to the post-work, post-bedtime finish line and realize we haven’t drank a single sip of water all day, and can’t remember if we ate lunch.

Sound familiar? Then you definitely should know about Press Pause. One of our favorite female-founded brands, it’s all about reminding women to take that time – aka “press pause” – to take care of themselves. Founded by mom of three Dawn Fable in 2018, their high-quality, science-backed CBD products have been a pioneer in applying the benefits of CBD to mental health.  In the last few years, they’ve expanded their product line to also focus on physical, sexual and hormonal health.

We spoke to Press Pause founder Dawn Fable about her ground-breaking brand, her favorite products, and more.

Want to take a moment and Press Pause? Go to and use code LOCALMOMS for 15% off any product. From now until Mother’s Day, if you spend $35+ and use code MothersDay35 you’ll get a free bath salts and if you spend $80+  and use code MothersDay80 you’ll receive a free deep relief cream. Offers cannot be combined. 

For anyone who isn’t yet familiar, how do you describe Press Pause?
Press Pause is a quality line of CBD products made by women for women and scientifically designed to work in harmony with a women’s biology. Our lifestyle products are crafted to boost women’s wellness and support through her life cycles from motherhood to menopause and beyond.

So very needed! Can you share how your own experience with anxiety inspired you to launch Press Pause?
I struggled with generalized anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. After the birth of my third child, it was at its worst and I was unable to truly be present in what should’ve been the happiest time of my life. I was disenchanted with the side effects of prescription medication and introduced to CBD.  Long story short, it changed my life and had a profound impact on my anxiety levels. I wanted to share my story with other women, educate others on the benefits of CBD and provide a quality CBD product to help with some of the issues that woman disproportionately struggle with (anxiety, sleep, hormones, inflammation, etc.).

Love that! You were acquired over a year ago. What was that process like, as an entrepreneur?
The acquisition of Press Pause happened very organically by a group called Tenacious Labs, a pioneering international cannabinoid group paving the way for the CBD industry. I’m blessed and humbled to work alongside the most incredible team who not only invested in Press Pause but invested in sharing my story worldwide to help others.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Press Pause would be the perfect gift. What would you recommend?
Funny you should ask—all of our Press Pause products are inspired by Motherhood. In fact, our Restore Deep Relief cream was inspired for my own Mom. She’s a beautiful and active 70 year old but struggles with arthritis and both our topicals and our tinctures have been life changing for her. This generation as well as Moms in general seems to be skeptical and have a lot of misconceptions of this industry. For all those Moms and 1st timers, we’ve been mindful of our formulations for women and committed to providing a lot of content around education and FAQ’s on CBD for those who are curious.

Congrats! Your products really target four areas of wellness: Mental Health, Physical Health, Sexual Wellness and Sleep. Can you share a bit more about those pillars and your brand’s unique perspective on wellness?
Press Pause is more than a quality line of CBD products. We are a community, a movement, and a beautiful curation of content around 4 pillars of stigmatized topics that women feel shame around. Press Pause is curating a portfolio of resources for everything a woman is going thru from pregnancy to menopause.


For anyone interested, click below for must-try products, including tinctures, teas, bath salts and more!

CBD can be used to ease anxiety, depression, burnout and also improve cognitive function. Even something as simple as brewing our Harmonizing Bloom Tea can give you an immediate boost when you most need it.

For Press Pause’s Mental Wellness Products, click here.

From PMS to menopause and the various phases we go through each month and through the years, CBD can help ease symptoms (from pesky to debilitating). Press Pause’s tinctures and capsules can help you stay at your best.

For Press Pause’s Hormonal Wellness Products, click here.

Our Intimacy Spray can tackle so many bedroom barriers, from discomfort to lack of desire.

For Press Pause’s Sexual Wellness Products, click here.

One of our most popular products for Physical Wellness includes our Restore Deep Relief Cream, which is packed with 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD as well essential oils.

For Press Pause’s Physical Wellness Products, click here.

If sleep is eluding you (and isn’t that most moms?), our Sleep Tincture can naturally help.

For Press Pause’s Sleep Products, click here

Want to take a moment and Press Pause? Go to and use code LOCALMOMS for 15% off any product. From now until Mother’s Day, if you spend $35+ and use code MothersDay35 you’ll get a free bath salts and if you spend $80+  and use code MothersDay80 you’ll receive a free deep relief cream. Offers cannot be combined. 


This story is sponsored by Press Pause. For more scientifically backed information about CBD and details about the Press Pause line, head to Press Pause’s Knowledge Hub.

Read what women are saying about Press Pause:

  • CBD for Mental Wellness | Harmonizing Bloom Tea: “As a menopausal woman, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found a natural option designed for women’s health. It helps a lot with hormonal changes and stress.” – Tanesha
  • CBD for Hormonal Wellness | Glow Care Capsules: “After giving birth to my daughter, I fell into a funk and was diagnosed with postpartum [issues]. My doctor prescribed me some medicine but I didn’t like the way it made me feel so I decided to try this instead. Finally, I feel like my old self again which is great because now I can actually enjoy being a new mom!” – Shania
  • CBD for Sexual Wellness | Love Intimacy Spray: “Simply divine. My husband and I love love love this stuff; it’s really spiced things up!” – Karla
  • CBD for Physical Wellness | Restore Deep Relief Cream: “As a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this product. I tell all my clients about it. It’s a great restorative treatment for mind and body.” – Sanna

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